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The top of a business building with solar panels

Is Solar Right For My Business?

The best way to ensure the sustainable growth of your business is to look ahead and think ahead. Is solar right for a business though? It’s never too late to get involved in the solar power industry, the sun has a lot to offer for your business. whether small or medium, We’re filtering all the benefits like never before to bring you the best!

Benefits of solar panel for business

In small enterprises, the most important factor in success is efficiency. The same goes for solar panels. Solar energy can help your business improve competitiveness in the market, and direct your business activities to prosperity. Solar panel installation can drastically reduce your utility bills, or cut it down to zero, therefore saving you both money and energy.

Significant savings that solar make can be directed towards growth and development of your business. For enterprise owners, investment in solar panels is returned in the first 3-5 years of use, and after that period solar installation remains completely free for the next 20-22 years to come! By using free solar energy, you will achieve attractive financial returns and will be able to plan the company’s budget in a more efficient way.

A financial boost and no maintenance cost

For years, the price of electricity is steadily increasing, while the prices of solar panels are in constant decline, so the determination to invest in the long-term profitable solar power system is actually a smart decision. There are also significant incentives for electricity production from solar panels, so your investment will be financially supported through government solar rebates, grants and tax credits.

The federal solar tax credit is offering 30% rebate for business solar panel installation by the end of 2019, and Database of State Incentives for Renewable and Efficiency (DSIRE) listing can help look up for grants and tax credits by states, which will reduce your initial investment. You can also apply for feed-in tariffs if you have surplus energy when business self-consumption is reduced.  

Once installed, a solar power system does not require any special maintenance. You only need to wipe dust from the panels several times a year, to enable the maximum efficiency of the solar power system. Solar power unit generates electricity completely autonomously, leaving you with peace of mind and managing the company.

From visions to solutions

Sunlux Installation truck

Sunlux can offer you a perfectly adapted turnkey solution for your commercial project. With Sunlux you always have a clear advantage because reliable quality and first-class service are an asset for us and our customers.

We support small and medium businesses with know-how such as expert planning, technical support, professional installation and as a company, we are always on your side!

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