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A picture of two homes side by side, one with solar roof tiles from Tesla

Price Difference of Tesla Solar Roof Tiles VS Solar Panels

All the eyes of the world are upon Tesla company in anticipation of revolutionary solutions that change the world. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk magnificently announced that this is a year of the Tesla solar roof tiles. This long-lasting roof gives aesthetic value to the house, it’s clean straight lines and elegant color look truly impressive, and on top of all – produces free electricity for your home! Well, brace yourself, here it comes some facts!

If something turns out to “be too good to be true” mostly it is!

Are Tesla’s solar roof tiles worth it?

If you are considering the Tesla solar roof tiles solution, be ready to buy a whole new roof for your home, even if you do not need it! These solar tiles are a part of totality roofing tiles, which is reasonable because no one installs solar power system facing the northern direction. Prepare yourself to afford a very expensive roof with big part of non-solar tiles, although it will certainly last for a long time. Experts from Tesla have created indestructible roof tiles and gave a lifetime warranty on it.

Elon Musk holding a solar roof tile

When considering solar panels, everything is about savings on electricity bills, payoff investment and free uses of electrical energy. Experts from Tesla have defined the price of $21.85 per square foot of solar tiles, installed on 35% of the roof surface.  For example, 2.500 square foot of roof surface with 65% non-solar tiles, and 35% of solar tiles would cost almost $55.000 (before tax credit)! Approximately, with Tesla solar tiles system on a 35% of 2.500 square foot roof, electricity production would be about 10kW. Yes, for that amount of money, you can install a small solar power plant, which can produce 20kW!

What interests almost every average American is the payback period and estimated savings.  For most solar panel installation, the payback period is 8-10 years, depending on the size of the investment, monthly consumption of electricity, as well as electricity price in the country, and the average solar radiation at the location. If we consider a solar panel lifespan of 25 years, we will have a rough estimate of how many thousands of dollars our power system will keep in our pocket during its lifespan. More than enough to buy one 10kW Tesla solar roof tiles.

Stay open to new opportunities, but select higher efficiency

In the renewable energy field, we are accustomed to trends and opportunities change rapidly. A bright future in today’s increasingly competitive solar industry depends on the ability to reduce cost per watt through greater efficiency. Although the performance of the Tesla solar roof tiles did not meet the basic criterion about fast payback of investment, a waiting list of decisive buyers is increasing every day.

We are aware that we can not compete with a technology giant such as Tesla, and launch an unimaginable new product that would stir up the whole planet, but be sure that we will be committed achieving maximum output for your solar panel installation. By choosing Sunlux you will have all of our professional support before, during and after solar power system installation. We focus on the benefits of Buying Vs Leasing Solar Panels for your home. We are also a certified Tesla Powerwall installer!

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