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Top 3 Solar Panels For Home Use

Technology never stands still and neither do we, so stop searching and let us do the work, we are bringing you the top 3 solar panels for home use! There has never been a greater need for solar energy and a greater range of possibilities, so if you are considering going solar you can easily be stuck in the solar limbo. How would you know that you’ll maximize your benefit from solar panel installation? Which solar panel meet the most demanding requirements for a residential project? Which solar panels have superior performance, unprecedented durability, and aesthetic design? 

Top 3 Solar Panels Reviewed

  1. Panasonic HIT solar module series

In Panasonic, technology challenges are continuing to involve in manufacturing of PV modules. With their HIT series of photovoltaic modules, solar panel installation hits new advantages.

  • Technology innovation – Panasonic HIT PV modules have two built-in amorphous silicon layers under the surface, and the loss of the electrons is diminished, so the efficiency of these solar panels are increased to 19.1% (optimal efficiency of most solar panels in the market is 18%). Also, Panasonic HIT PV modules continue to produce a high-level power output despite the high outdoor temperatures during the day, because Panasonic smartly resolved temperature output dependence.
  • Absolute reliability – Panasonic HIT solar panels are projected to perform amazing 90.76% of nominal voltage after 25 years of use, which drastically increases the total number of years of solar power system exploitation (for conventional solar panels, nominal voltage decrease up to 80% after 25 years). This characteristic guarantees even longer exploitation of solar installation and maximum utility.
  1. LG Neon solar module series

LG is a world-wide well-known company in the field of renewable energy, especially on photovoltaics panels and heat pumps, so they also met high expectations in solar panels manufacturing.

  • High efficiency – LG Neon solar panels hit up to 21.2% module efficiency which places the company at the very top of the list of manufacturers of highly efficient solar modules. It’s improved temperature coefficient allows the stable production of electricity in temperature conditions in which conventional solar panels would have reduced electricity production.
  • Output warranty – after a lifespan of 25 years, LG Neon photovoltaic module will decrease the output only for 16.14%, unlike other manufacturers to which the nominal voltage decreases for the whole 20%!
  • Double-sided cell structure – a black rear film on the module is reabsorbing reflected light beams from the surface, so the module is gaining additional power, which can significantly increase the total output of the solar power system.
  1. Qcells Peak solar module series

Innovative Q.UANTUM technology that comes from Qcells company have so much to offer to residential photovoltaic market. This German company is dedicated to the development of best performance solar modules, and guarantee high efficiency and durability.

  • Performance warranty – with Qcells photovoltaic module you can rely on longlasting exploitation period, which will decrease up to 83.6% of nominal power after the period of 25 years.
  • High efficiency – while other companies struggling a lower efficiency coefficient, Qcells has developed the module with 19.5% of efficiency. Qcell solar panels can also achieve the highest performance at low Irradiance conditions compared to conventional solar panels. 

Why choose between reliability or affordability when you can have all?

Quality pays off for sure, and we are hoping we helped you with questions about what characteristic solar panels should have in order to provide a long term attractive revenues for your home.  As solar technology continues to develop, we’ll be at the forefront working with our partners to develop new, intelligent solutions for residential solar system installation.