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about sunlux

our success is built on the idea of putting customers first.

the sunlux vision

Our founders had a radical idea - that solar energy should be just as easy as traditional electricity. So in January 2015, they started Sunlux to accomplish just that.

How Sunlux Started

After 12 months of planning and forming the right partnerships, founders Joe Benko, Guillermo Santomauro and Mike Valencia resigned from their previous positions to found Sunlux and make their vision for solar energy a reality.

Compromising their values wasn’t an option. So instead of taking outside funding from investors, they funded Sunlux themselves, further solidifying their stake in the success of the company.

Our company’s success story is built on one principle: complete customer satisfaction.

progress & growth

After a lot of hard work and sleepless nights, their strategy of putting customers and employees first began to pay off. Satisfied clients referred more and more of their friends and family to Sunlux, resulting in the company growing from nothing to 12 employees and $2.2 million in sales in just one year.

After its first full year in business, Sunlux moved its headquarters into a 5,500 sq/ft building in Ontario, allowing them to become fully integrated with sales, design, engineering and installation under one roof. Finally Sunlux’s founders were able to realize their vision of providing the very best in solar energy for their customers.


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