Owning a solar system has never been easier.

We’ve partnered with some of the best solar loan companies that offer unsecured loans, low rates and flexible terms.
$0 Down and Low FICO Options
Low Rates and No Hidden Fees
Short and Long Terms, No Prepay Penalty
No Unsecured Loans

How it works

There’s no down payment required, and you can choose between short or a long finance terms.

Our rates are competitive! Plus, as the owner, you qualify for a 26% federal tax credit. There’s never been a better time to finance your solar system.



Pay less upfront.

Enjoy the extra savings from owning your own system plus the financing benefit of paying less upfront. When you finance your Sunlux system, it will pay for itself in 5 to 7 years on average, and then it will be pure savings from then on.

Tax Credit

Claim your 26% Federal Tax Credit

You can deduct 26% of the total solar system and installation cost on your federal tax return, and the tax credit carries over for up to 5 years.



We manage everything so you don’t have to.
Go solar in less than two months from start to finish with little to no effort. We take care of everything, including working with the city, so you can simply sit backand enjoy the savings.


Your satisfaction is our top priority.
We’ve built our reputation on providing world-class service to our customers. Years of experience and a proven track record ensure you’ll get the very best with Sunlux.

Premium Systems

The best products on the market, guaranteed.
We’ve partnered with the most trusted manufacturers in the world to source the highest quality components in the industry.

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