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Hey California, Here’s Why You Should Go Solar

If you’ve ever considered going solar and were on the fence, now would be the perfect time to revisit the topic. Why you should go solar is simple; recently utility companies across the country including California are trying their hardest to stop net metering. To clarify, net metering allows customers the retail value for the solar power they generate.

Net Metering In California

San Diego Gas and Electric is close to reaching the current limit set forth by the public utility commission for solar installations. According to a channel 7 Blog post the rules are about to change. “Compared to the rest of the state, SDG&E is going to be the first investor owned utility to reach the program limit,” said San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) representative Amber Albrecht. Around the nation other utility companies have all but eliminated net metering (paying the system owner retail value for the power sent back to the grid) and have prevented new homeowners from going solar. In December, the Nevada Public Utilities Commission eliminated one-for-one net metering for residential solar customers.

Imperial Irrigation District

Locally the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) which provides power to communities in the Coachella Valley reached its solar cap and shut down their net metering program. According to the Desert Sun, “The district abruptly shut down its net metering program in February, saying it would no longer compensate solar-powered homes and businesses for the electricity they send onto the grid.

The announcement infuriated solar companies and left hundreds of families scrambling to figure out whether they could still afford to go solar, even though many of them had already signed contracts with installers. The recent shut down of net metering has taken the most important financial incentive directly away from homeowners and business owners wanting to go solar, “district staffers have now proposed a compromise: They want to reopen net metering indefinitely, but under new financial terms. Homes and businesses that go solar under their tentative proposal — including the hundreds stuck in limbo — would receive something like 4 cents per kilowatt-hour for their solar generation, rather than the 12 cents homeowners receive now”, District Energy Manager Vicken Kasarjian said.

Why You Should Go Solar

This brings me to my point that early adopters are the ones who will benefit the most from installing solar power on their homes. Current policy will prevent the utility companies from pulling the plug on net metering. Meaning, if you get solar on your home you will be protected and grandfathered in for the next 20 years. Consider the fact that solar power can eliminate your energy bill completely. In the fact, energy prices increase on average 5%-10% annually so you could literally be throwing away tens of thousands of dollars away and getting nothing in return.

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