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A nice home with black solar panels on the roof

How Much Does A Solar Panel Cost?

The electricity solar produces is free; it’s the equipment which determines the cost. So how much does a solar panel cost? The sun shines whether you capture the energy or not. Once the equipment is paid for, there is very little maintenance costs to capture the energy from the sun. It’s not unusual for a system owner to say that once the equipment is paid for, the power is free.

The actual residential panel cost has come down in the past few years as technology has improved the efficiency of solar. A person could buy all the components themselves, and install them for the lowest out of pocket cost possible. There are even books on how to do this for the do-it-yourself. Unless you know what you’re doing, We do not recommend this.

Top Cities For Solar Savings

Most cities and counties require you to obtain a permit to add solar on your home. This requires a licensed engineer or electrician to draw up plans, have them stamped, then presented to the city or county building department for approval and obtaining a permit. Many solar company installers will also assist you in financing options, either to purchase or lease. We will give you Our thoughts about buying or leasing in the next posts.

So now you know first thing to be aware of when going solar, is to evaluate the system costs for your specific needs at home. To make it simple you need to install a system that supplies your household’s electricity consumption per year.

If you need some advice about going solar at home or have any questions about solar panels cost you can contact Sunlux for a no-obligation assessment today!