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Solar Edge Inverter Issue


AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile have decided that they will shut down the 3G network nationwide which is impacting all devices on the 3G cellular network (phones, vehicles, solar systems, etc).  With that said, this is not a SolarEdge or Sunlux issue, but we are aware of the problem and are working diligently to address each customer at a time.  With that said, your SOLAR SYSTEM is continuing to produce energy despite not showing up, and is storing data up to 9 months locally on the inverter itself.  It just can’t communicate that data back to the monitoring system because its on 3G network which has been shut down.  Unfortunately because this happened to everyone at one time, it is impossible for Sunlux or SolarEdge to reach out and resolve each customer immediately and can take up to 6 months to work through thousands of customers.   Sunlux also knows which customers have been impacted as we have a list of all 3G customers with a SolarEdge inverter, so please know that even though we may not be able to get to your phone call or email right away, we are not ignoring you, are aware, and are working overtime to get each person restored.  Again, your production is not impacted, its just not reporting the data back at this time until connectivity is restored.


Sunlux and SolarEdge will be communicating to you via email so it is very important that you have your email up to date with Sunlux especially if you changed your email since your solar system has been installed.  Please be sure to check your email account (including your Junk/Spam folders), as most of the correspondence will be sent through email while we attempt to reach as many customers as we can as quickly as we can.  You may also have or will receive email correspondence from your inverter manufacturer regarding this issue.  Please make sure you read those emails, as they include important information. 

We do understand your concern and frustration, and as stated prior, we can’t get to customers immediately and it may take as much as 5 months to get connectivity restored one by one as it will require a physical visit to your home and restore the connectivity via a new cellular card (4G) or most likely use a wifi connection to avoid this happening in the future.  Also, because of supply chain problems, we are receiving a limited amount of cellular or wifi connectors at a time and is impacting our speed to resolve the issue.

We very much appreciate you being a loyal customer of ours and your patience is very appreciated.

Thank you,

Sunlux Management